How Often Should You Undergo STD Testing?

Man,Having,Appointment,With,Std,Specialist,In,Clinic,,Closeup The rate of sexually transmitted disease screening fell. At the same time, the number of STDs increased over the last few years, research indicates. STD testing is imperative to maintaining not just proper sexual health but overall health as well.

Knowing when to get tested can be the first action in maintaining overall well-being and preventing or treating STDs. Though standards exist for when to get tested, your circumstances may require more or less frequent testing. Here is what you need to know about how often you should undergo STD testing.

What Situations Require Testing

Individual contexts such as age, gender, lifestyle choices, orientation, and more may play a part in determining testing frequency. Here are some of those contexts.


Certain STDs can cross the placenta and infect the child in the womb. STD screening can create a safeguard against harmful natal defects and developmental delays. Prompt STD testing after news of pregnancy or throughout the pregnancy, if you are at risk, can help prevent serious health complications for both the mother and the child.

Being Sexually Active

It may be intuitive, but being sexually active requires STD testing for proper sexual health. The Centers for Disease Control recommends testing once annually. However, you may need to test more frequently, such as once every three to six months if you have multiple partners or getting tested between partners.

Even if you are currently monogamous, STD testing may be recommended if you or your partner have had partners in the past. That is because some STDs, such as HIV, may take time to show up in a screening.

When To Get Tested, Even If You Aren’t Sexually Active

While some STDs are passed only through sexual contact, others, such as syphilis, herpes, and HPV, may be spread through other forms of physical contact such as kissing.

STDs may also be spread through the sharing of needles or even items such as razors. Because of the spread of STDs through non-sexual means, at least a single screening is recommended for adults and adolescents between the ages of 13 and 64.

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