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When it comes to being a new parent, especially for your first pregnancy, there is nothing more important than finding the right OB/GYN for you - not only to help with the healthiness of your baby but also yours. From your very first ultrasound right up to your delivery date, at Huey & Weprin OB/GYN, we believe in being there for you and your baby every step of the way. As experts in childbirthhigh-risk pregnanciesultrasounds, and postpartum life, our team is dedicated and prepared to guide you through your journey to new parenthood.

If this is your first pregnancy or you are looking to find a new doctor, read our FAQ below to find out about the kind of care and attention the doctors at Huey & Weprin give their patients.

I've had a Positive Pregnancy Test. When Should I See an Obstetrician?

It's in your best interest to schedule a visit with an obstetrician right away after your positive home pregnancy test. A visit is also in order if you've missed a period or exhibit other signs of pregnancy. This is applicable even if you've been pregnant before. Every pregnancy is affected by unique factors. That's why early prenatal care is important in each situation. 

Seeing your obstetrician early enables you to understand the nuances of your pregnancy. Your obstetrician can help determine aspects such as:

  • Your due date
  • Potential risks to your pregnancy  (age-related. health-related, or hereditary)
  • Prenatal tests and precautions you may take.

Should I Consult with an Obstetrician Before Getting Pregnant?

You don't have to wait for a positive pregnancy test to see an obstetrician. In fact, your gynecologist may be the ideal provider to discuss an optimal conception and birth plan. Preconception care can include a thorough checkup and consultation regarding your medical history and ideal pregnancy and delivery. Prenatal care isn't focused only on testing and monitoring fetal development. Additional aspects of your obstetric care include:

  • Building trust. Your obstetrician will deliver your baby. This is a healthcare provider who walk side-by-side with you into the delivery room and whom you rely on to speak openly and honestly about the various aspects of your pregnancy. The earlier you begin prenatal care, the sooner you can begin building trust with your obstetrician.
  • A healthy start to pregnancy. Fetal development doesn't wait. It progresses based on the level of care you receive. This is an instance of "sooner is better." Because your baby is developing from the moment of conception, it is ideal to have already had a consultation with an obstetrician who has conducted a medical and family history and assessment of current overall health. 
  • Adequate assessment. During the average prenatal visit, your obstetrician will evaluate your overall health and its influence on pregnancy, including your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and factors that contribute to fetal development. 
  • Lifestyle factors. Conception and a healthy pregnancy depend upon your lifestyle habits. Your obstetrician can provide you with information, suggestions, and encouragement that help you implement lifestyle habits that support your healthiest pregnancy. These may relate to diet, exercise, supplements, stress management, and more. 

What Happens at My Regular Prenatal Visits?

Once your pregnancy and due date are confirmed, we'll schedule routine checkups. These occur every several weeks, increasing in frequency as your due date approaches. These visits may include various tests. The baseline screenings include fetal heartbeat, urine testing for signs of infection, and other screenings. At some point, you'll have a fetal ultrasound, blood glucose test, and you may have additional tests based on your prenatal risk factors.

Your doctor at Huey and Weprin will discuss your recommended screenings and their timing based on your intake information. Your and your baby's wellness is our top priority!

How Do I Know if an Obstetrician Is Right for Me?

Choosing the right OB/GYN can be a more complicated process than most mothers-to-be realize. However, at Huey & Weprin, we’re ready to help you decide. Before you make a choice on your next OB/GYN, ensure you and your doctor are on the same page by considering the following:

Think About Your Communication Style

Clear communication, especially during one’s pregnancy is an important factor when it comes to childbirth and the mother’s overall health. Because of this, it’s important to seek out an OB/GYN who communicates clearly with you and matches your type of personality and how you take in new information. Are you someone who prefers a serious tone when it comes to medical attention? Would you rather have a gentleness or friendlier demeanor from your doctor?

It’s important that you can get along with your OB/GYN as well as communicate with them too, as this journey can lead to a long-term relationship between patient and doctor. Most mothers keep the same OB/GYN through multiple pregnancies, so before choosing, try to assess your personality type and identify your communication preferences. One of the first steps you can take in figuring out which OB/GYN to choose for you is to take a look at the bios or personal statements of the experienced doctors on our team. Click here to meet our doctors.

Consider Your Specific Medical Needs and Check Your OB/GYN’s Specialty

Many people have specific medical conditions that their pregnancy will most likely impact. Another way you can further narrow down your choices when choosing your OB/GYN is to consider what specific conditions you may have and how/if their specialties or areas of expertise can address that during your pregnancy. For example, if you have a family history of diabetes, you may want to find an OB/GYN who specializes their care in gestational diabetes. Do not be afraid to ask your potential OB/GYNS what their areas of expertise or specialties are - this allows you both to get to know each other before any medical advice is given.

Get OB-GYN Reviews From Friends, Family, and Others

In the time leading up to motherhood, there can be nothing more influential than the impact of your surrounding family. Turn to people in your life who have gone through childbirth or who are already parents to ask them what they looked for in their OB/GYN, and what steps they took to find their perfect match. Ask about what they like about their doctors, and assess if you can apply those questions to the OB/GYNs you have in mind for yourself. Reading online reviews about patient-OG/GYN relationships may also help you make a decision. Reviewing patient satisfaction surveys can also act as an inside look into what to expect when visiting your potential OB/GYN. At Huey & Weprin, each of our OB/GYNs is ready and willing to support you through your pregnancy.

Get In Touch With Us Today

It’s so important to ensure you and your baby get the proper care and treatment, even long before you get pregnant. If you are pregnant, or are planning to be, and still have questions about our services and choosing the right OG/GYN, click here to contact us today - our team is excited and ready to help you through your pregnancy journey!

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