Self-Care After Baby

A mother wearing a jean jacket holds her daughter on her shoulders and they smile for the camera in front of an orange background Bringing a new baby into the family is bringing new life to an existing dynamic. The results of this kind of shift are paramount, regardless of how many children you already have. According to research, even happy life events are stressful. As a result, new moms might struggle unnecessarily. The Baby Blues may be influenced by hormones to some degree, but the environment is also a factor in the risk of postpartum depression. For this reason, it is helpful to identify the various ways in which new moms, new families, can attend to emotional health. We’ll discuss some suggestions here.

The Snowball of Self Care

Self-care is essential, and also difficult, after childbirth.

  • Sleep. New mothers are tired. They’re also in love. They also have ideas about what it means to be a good mother. These could be the ingredients for unnecessary stress. New mothers must give themselves permission to sleep when the baby is sleeping. To do this, they must have reliable help to lovingly entertain other children, if applicable.
  • Nutrition. A new mother is in a state of healing and also nurturing. Pregnancy and delivery have depleted energy resources, and breastfeeding requires even more. To sustain, Mom needs healthy meals lovingly prepared with whole foods. She may also benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation.
  • Walking. Exercise is beneficial for mental health because it can increase neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Being outdoors in the fresh air is something a new mother can do with her infant, as well, benefitting both Mommy and Baby.
  • Baby breaks. This can be a tough one for a new mom, even when she has older children. However, short breaks from motherhood are a vital necessity to reconnecting with Self and restoring the resources that are necessary for nurturing others.
  • Adult Time. As much as a new mom loves being around her children, there is value in maintaining autonomy as an adult. Short breaks may include a talk with a good friend or a date night with a partner.
  • Liquids. Hydration is a vital aspect of pregnancy, aiding the delivery of nutrients to the fetus. After delivery, hydration can facilitate breastfeeding as well as tissue recovery. Mothers should consume 64 ounces of water a day, at least.
  • Laughter. Studies have shown that laughter enhances our ability to heal both physically and emotionally.

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