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How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Become Pregnant Again?

Obstetric Services & Obstetricians Dayton, OH If you search online about how soon you can become pregnant again after giving birth, the information is confusing. Some websites tell you you’re safe as long as you’re breastfeeding (you’re not) and some tell you it’s safe to get pregnant again right away (it’s not).

Breastfeeding Is Not Birth Control

While breastfeeding can inhibit ovulation and may make it more difficult for some women to get pregnant, we’ve delivered a lot of younger siblings here in Ohio who are less than a year apart from their older brother or sister. You can become pregnant before your first postpartum cycle. There are methods of birth control that are safe to use while breastfeeding so be sure to talk to your OB/GYN about your family planning needs.

When Should I Plan a Subsequent Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is hard on a woman’s body. When a woman is pregnant, the fetus takes priority with nutrients, even if it means stealing them from the mother. Childbirth is also incredibly hard on a woman’s body both physically and emotionally. We recommend for most women to wait 12 months before becoming pregnant again. That’s the amount of time required to heal your body, regain your health, and recover from the trauma of childbirth.

What If I Do Get Pregnant Sooner than Anticipated

If you do become pregnant soon after giving birth, your baby will be safe, and you can have an uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth. However, you will want to work closely with your OB/GYN to ensure that your own health is not compromised. You may need to address nutrition needs, make sure you’re getting adequate rest (which may mean getting help with your newborn), and carefully manage your physical activity to maintain your optimum health.

Can I Breastfeed While Pregnant?

You can safely breastfeed while pregnant, but again, you will need to make sure you are consuming enough nutritious calories to sustain you, your nursing baby, and your fetus.

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