Permanent Birth Control Options in Dayton, Kettering & Englewood, OH

Permanent Birth Control Options in Dayton, OH

Permanent Birth Control

What is birth control?

Birth control is any technique that helps to prevent pregnancy. From abstinence to tying your tubes, methods for birth control vary from natural to surgical to even permanent. A discussion with your Ob/Gyn doctor during a birth control counseling appointment is the first step to learning more about your birth control options and determining the approach that is best for your needs.

What is a permanent method of birth control?

Permanent birth control, also known as sterilization, is a way to prevent pregnancies permanently. Permanent birth control is intended for women who are 100% certain that they no longer want children. With permanent birth control, you never have to worry about unplanned pregnancies.

What permanent birth control methods are available and what do they involve?

If you are looking for a permanent method of birth control, both surgical and minimally invasive methods are available. Permanent methods of birth control include:

  • Tubal ligation – also called “getting your tubes tied,” with this permanent birth control surgery, your doctor will surgically block your fallopian tubes through specialized surgical techniques.
  • Fallopian tube occlusion – also known as Essure, this non-invasive permanent birth control procedure involves your doctor placing coil inserts in your fallopian tubes. Over time, a barrier develops around the inserts, blocking your tubes.

What are the benefits of using permanent birth control?

The primary benefit of permanent birth control is the freedom to have sex without the worry of an unplanned pregnancy.

Can permanent birth control be reversed?

Since permanent birth control is intended to be permanent, it is typically irreversible. However, tubal ligation can sometimes be reversed. Essure removal is also possible.

If you are interested in learning more about permanent birth control options, schedule an appointment with an Ob/Gyn specialist at Huey & Weprin Ob/Gyn. With specialized care and cutting-edge treatments in obstetrics and gynecology, Huey & Weprin Ob/Gyn offers a wide variety of gynecologic and obstetric services from leaders in Ob/Gyn research development. Call 937.771.5100 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.


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