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Kristen A.

"I have been a patient of Huey and Weprin for seven years. I was going to a doctor who wanted to do a hysterectomy to end my endometriosis pain. I always wanted to be able to carry a baby and was not ready at a young age to end my dream of feeling a baby grow inside me. I felt hopeless until someone recommended Dr. Huey and he was the first doctor to give me hope. He treated me like an individual and not a statistic. He is always very kind and caring. I am so blessed by God to say that I am now officially a prenatal patient and have seen all the doctors. I am high risk and the medical staff at Huey and Weprin have been extremely supportive and on top of my care to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Dr. Huey, Dr. Weprin and Dr. Sharma make you feel like you are important and they discuss your treatment with you as a person. They are very honest with you. I highly recommend any of the doctors. As a high risk patient it is important to feel like you are in good hands. I would not trust anyone else to handle this pregnancy. The entire office staff is friendly and professional. The scheduler who answers the phone tries her best and always works her magic to get you in a timely manner. She always has an upbeat voice and is always reassuring which is so comforting because you know she is doing what she can to make it work. The front office makes you feel very welcomed checking in and checking out. All the medical assistants are very helpful and caring. They make it as personal and comfortable as possible. The one medical assistant I have known for years was just as thrilled as I was that I was pregnant. She was so excited to give me the prenatal bag and I will never forget that personal touch and care. They always call you back in a timely manner to answer any questions. The ultrasound technician is very gentle and calm. She explains everything that is going on. The lab technician is amazing at drawing your labs for blood work. I love that they do it all at Huey and Weprin so I don’t have to travel to different places and I can do it all at a central location. I am so thankful for the top notch care I am receiving at Huey and Weprin!"

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13 March 16, 2020

To our valued patients,

In an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus, Kettering Medical Center has limited the number of support persons to be allowed on the Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby units of the hospital.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY only two support persons will be allowed per laboring patient for the entirety of their hospital stay. Kettering Medical Center will be screening ALL non-patient persons entering the hospital for symptoms associated with Covid-19/Coronavirus, including support persons for laboring patients. Any person with any grade fever, cough or respiratory symptoms WILL NOT be permitted to enter the facility. Their policy of no non-patient persons under the age of 14 in the facility remains in effect during this time as well.


We realize this is disappointing and upsetting news. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we work to keep patients and staff healthy during this global health crisis.

Please feel free to reach out to the office if you have any questions or concerns.


Huey & Weprin, OB/Gyn

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.