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Brittany M.

"Dr. Sharma, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the staff at Huey & Weprin during my pregnancy with Max. I know this is your job but I really truly fell like it takes very special people to do what you do every day. Each appointment I had a great experience. The ladies at the front desk greeted me, often remembering who I was each week and making me feel comfortable from the moment I came in. The nurses were so king to ask how I was doing be even took the time to initiate a small conversation beyond the “medical” talk. Even the ladies who drew my blood were friendly especially during the dreadful glucose test. I really enjoyed when you and Jill encouraged me to bring my daughter along to help her understand she would be having a new baby brother. I remember in the beginning of the pregnancy, Jill was listening to the baby’s heartbeat and my daughter appeared worried so Jill incorporated her into the process and encouraged her to watch and listen. That really melted my heart. Dr. Weprin took the time to have a small conversation over our Apple watches. Even as silly as that may be it made me feel like I was more than just “another pregnant woman” but maybe someone they actually wanted the best for. Each appointment when we would leave the ladies at the front desk would take the time to talk to my daughter and give her a sucker. I cannot thank the staff enough. A special thank you to you. You were the one who delivered our Maxton and was there during the weekend. I celebrated my birthday the day after Max was born and from what the nurse told me you had a birthday cake sent to my room. I really, really appreciated that. Also, you made an impression on my daughter because for the next couple of days once we were home my daughter, Kenzie would pretend to be Dr. Sharma and wanted to make everyone feel better. But thank you again for being so great at what you and the staff do. I will always remember the kindness I experienced during my pregnancy with Kenzie and Max and look forward to maybe another one in the future. Thanks!"

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